At WellKeepers, projects are designed to benefit two groups of people: those the project is intended to help and those who are actually doing the project.

Helping others is a great way to develop positive health. Working with others on a project can give you even more than you give the project, by both helping others and by developing positive connections with other members of the group.

At WellKeepers we’ll support projects by helping you to develop the project plan, including working with you to specify the project’s objectives and make sure they’re a good fit with developing positive health. We’ll help you identify and find the resources and people needed to make the project work, and we’ll help you put together a step-by- step guide for each part of the project.

At WellKeepers we think organizing projects to help others is one of the most important components of developing positive health. If you’re interested in starting or helping with a project let us know.

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