Why WellKeepers?

According to researchers, including some at The University of North Carolina, only about 20 percent of Americans are flourishing, experiencing what we call positive health. Most everyone else is "just getting by." When you're "just getting by", you feel like you’re just going through the motions. You have the nagging feeling that there must be more to life.

The good news is that there is more to life. You already have the ability to experience positive health…to flourish. Helping you realize that potential is the purpose of WellKeepers.

WellKeepers believes that a major component of good health is Life Satisfaction. How good we feel about our life is dependent upon a number of factors, but two of the most important are our people relationships and our purpose in life.

WellKeepers wants to help you feel good about yourself. We can help you do this by engaging with other people in activities to strengthen community bonds, improve health and well-being, and build a solid foundation for continued community improvement. Through these activities, WellKeepers participants gain a stronger sense of community, improve their own emotional well-being, and gain more satisfaction in their own lives.

What is Positive Health?

Positive Health is more than feeling well physically – it’s feeling good about life… it means that you’re flourishing.

You feel high levels of emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. You’re full of vigor, vitality and feel good about yourself and others…and perhaps most importantly you feel you have a purpose and meaning. Positive Health is more than feeling happy...but happiness is a part of it.

What makes up Positive Health? Things like positive emotions, hope, and optimism all work together to help you develop and maintain a personal sense of meaning and purpose. These elements, along with a real community of friends, set the stage for Positive Health. Engaging in meaningful activities to help others completes the circle.

Helping Others, Feeling Helpful

In pursuing Positive Health, other people really do matter and they can be categorized into two primary groups: people who help you and people you help.

The people who help you are those with whom you form strong social relationships. Research has shown that relationships with family and friends are critically important to our wellbeing. Research has also shown that direct encounters are better than Internet contacts or phone calls. That’s why WellKeepers is taking a community-based approach, to enable people to get together and built those social connections and relationships.

Just as important are the people you help. Studies suggest that helping others helps give our lives meaning and fulfills a basic human need. Helping others can actually create a sense of meaning.

So the WellKeepers approach is to get together with people in your community to help others.

Meaningful Fun

Engaging in meaningful activities can help increase life satisfaction and help you feel happier, but unless you enjoy the activities, you probably won’t continue to do it. WellKeepers can help get you together with other people in our community to design and engage in activities that are both meaningful and enjoyable.

The activities don't have to be huge in scope – sometimes seemingly small activities can have a large impact. For example, a small group of people learning about nutrition could test new ways to get their children to eat vegetables. The ideas that work best could then be shared with a broader group. Working on the project and then sharing the information with others could be both meaningful and fun.

How Will We Do It?

WellKeepers will support a variety of activities, including:

  • Provide education and information both live and online in text and video and newsletters
  • Organize small groups for learning and sharing
  • Organize and develop projects to help others in the community
  • Recruit and register volunteers for projects