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  • Brainstorming...
  • Party Time!
    Party Time!
  • Every smile is worth it!
    Every smile is worth it!
  • Just one more rep...
    Just one more rep...
  • LIFE -- Better with Friends
    LIFE -- Better with Friends
  • Dinner is... almost... ready
    Dinner is... almost... ready
  • Second Wind!
    Second Wind!
  • Who called this meeting :)
    Who called this meeting :)
  • Time to relax!
    Time to relax!
  • Helping others - WORTH IT
    Helping others - WORTH IT

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Volunteer Opportunities

We’re building a new organization to tackle a growing problem in our community: Social Isolation. And we’re going to need lots of help from volunteers.  Please consider volunteering your time and expertise to help us help.

WellKeepers is an organization run totally by volunteers. We rely on our talented volunteers for everything. As an organization working to develop some ideas and programs that no one else has tried, we offer some unique and meaningful volunteer opportunities.  We can use your help and it can give you some valuable experience to place on your resume or a chance to help others while engaging with a group of fun and very positive people…at least we hope we are.  Take a look and see if one interests you.

Check out our Volunteer Info Page to Learn more!  



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